Non-medical In Home Care Extends Further Than Home Care Providers


Most people, as they age, want to stay in their homes. Having to move out of your home because you can no longer adequately take care of yourself can have very real physical and mental consequences. Luckily, here at Synergy HomeCare in Yuma, we provide non-medical home care services that allow people to live in their own homes for much longer than they would normally be able to. However, having a home care provider is not the only thing that people need to consider when deciding whether or not they, or a loved one, can continue to live in their own homes. Home safety is an important factor to consider, and in today’s post, we are going to go over some of the most common modifications that are made to houses to ensure that the elderly can live a comfortable, happy, and healthy life.


Home Safety is Pivotal For Your Senior Loved One


Home improvements and modifications can help your senior loved one maintain their independence while also serving to prevent accidents. These changes can help to improve accessibility, make it easier to perform common tasks, and generally make the home safer. Below we have listed some of the most common home improvements that help the elderly and why they are important.



  • Lever Handles: As we age, our muscles don’t always work as well as they used to. Traditional door knobs, for many senior citizens, are hard to grasp and turn. By replacing the round door knobs in your senior loved one’s home with levered handles, you can make it much easier for them to open and close the doors in their home. Lever handles do not require a firm grasp to move, and a person can use their entire body weight when manipulating these handles. This modification can also extend to any faucets in the home.
  • Handrails: Adding handrails to key points in your senior loved one’s home can greatly increase their safety when moving around the house. Handrails in hallways, bedrooms, and showers can provide your senior loved one a secure surface to lean on if they find themselves losing their balance. Handrails are easy to install in most areas of the house, but take extra care in ensuring that they are securely fastened to the wall. The last thing you want is for the handrail to pull away from the wall in a moment of need.
  • Door Modifications: If your senior loved one has to utilize a wheelchair, modifications need to be made to the existing doorways in their home. Most wheelchairs can comfortably fit through a doorway that is 36 inches wide, so make sure that all of the doorways in the house meet this measurement. Additionally, remove any thresholds that might be difficult to roll over. The goal here is to make doorways as easy as possible to get through, so if you don’t feel comfortable modifying the door frames in your senior’s house, hire a professional.
  • Shower Seat and Removable Shower Head: For many senior citizens, the bathroom is where the majority of injuries occur while they are at home. Slick surfaces and tight spaces are a hazard that must be addressed to ensure that your senior loved one does not fall while trying to get in and out of the shower. Installing a shower seat and a removable shower head in your senior loved one’s shower will greatly reduce the chances of them slipping and falling. Plus, sitting down in the shower is relaxing. If you want to go the extra mile, installing a walk-in bathtub will also greatly reduce the chances of any accidents occurring in the bathroom from trying to enter and exit the bathtub.

While there are a wide range of modifications you can make to your senior loved one’s home to help better ensure their safety, we feel that by taking care of the ones listed above first you will lay a solid foundation for in home safety. If, after these modifications, your senior loved one still needs assistance around the home, contact us today at Synergy HomeCare in Yuma. Our home care specialists have the experience and passion to help your senior loved one with a myriad of daily activities. To learn more about our non-medical home care services, contact us today.