Why Systems Like Phillips Lifeline Aren’t Just for Seniors

dreamstime_8082598Imagine the ability to instantly contact qualified, compassionate and skilled caretakers at the literal touch of a button. Imagine never being disconnected, transferred to another department or being misunderstood. These fundamental basics are what has spurred the popularity in use of personal medical alert systems. Though initially intended to protect the independently-living senior, lifeline systems actually aid people of all ages and abilities by helping them access emergency health care without worry. People have found a variety of ways that they are able to use their Phillips Lifeline, ensuring their personal safety and health 24 hours a day.

These ways include:

  • In event of an accident – This is probably the most common use of a medical alert system or lifeline. Because seniors are prone to falling, keeping them within easy access to quick communication is imperative to keeping them safe and healthy. However, many people have also used their lifelines after a car accident or house fire to get first responders to react quickly to emergency calls.
  • To remind wearers to take medication – A Phillips lifeline can help keep seniors and those suffering from chronic illnesses on schedule with medication and insulin shots, reducing the risks of skipping dosages when needed.
  • To track a person’s whereabouts – By offering 24 hour monitoring, a medical alert system allows the wearer to be tracked so that if one is considered missing, they can easily be found.

As Yuma’s premier non-medical home care providers, we offer clients peace of mind through Phillips Lifeline systems. It is the trusted alert system used by millions of America’s home-bound and elderly. Find out more about this and other of our services by calling our customer care team at 928-723-0085.