Most of us know what it’s like being cooped up due to weather or illness. You look at the same furniture and the same view out the window. Your options regarding entertainment shrink dramatically. It’s a recipe for boredom and depression. But for some seniors in home care, this is their day to day existence. Physical and mental stimulation is critically important, and it simply can’t be achieved by staying in the same place.

However, when it comes to taking your senior on outings, there can be a host of options. A visit to the senior center, taking in a movie, a trip to the local animal shelter, these are just a few ideas. Yet, a successful outing requires a little planning. Keep reading for a few tips in order to keep things going smoothly.

  • Remember that seniors may not have the stamina that they used to have. If a lot of walking is involved, or it’s not handicap accessible, you may want to consider something else.
  • Frequent rest stops can be a necessity. Be sure that restrooms are nearby, and keep an eye out for benches or other seating areas in case they need to take a breather.
  • Before leaving, be sure to pack a carry-on bag. You might need things like a water bottle, insect repellant, medications, a blanket, and a healthy snack like fruits or vegetables.
  • Seniors can be very sensitive to temperatures, so be sure they are wearing weather appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Even though you’re out of the house, keep an eye out for any hazards or problems that can occur. Watch where your senior is walking, since they may not be able to recover well from a fall.