Everyone knows that falls can be dangerous, regardless of your age. But for the seniors in our lives who suffer from diseases like osteoporosis or arthritis, a fall can be especially painful and damaging.

What causes a fall?

Anyone can fall because of a trip, slip, or missed step. People can fall when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even a change in medication can cause a person to experience a significant decrease in muscle coordination or vision, which may also lead to a fall.

How can a fall be prevented?

You can take several steps to ensure the safety of your home, including securing any rugs and clearing the floors of all clutter. Some seniors find it helpful to have a plastic lining on the floors leading from one room to another. Usually, this can prevent a cane or walker from getting caught. If your home has stairs, be sure that there are railings on either side to avoid a missed step.

What will happen if there is a fall?

If your senior falls, it can result in broken bones or more serious injuries. Many seniors no longer have the strength to stand again after a hard fall, so they may be stuck until help can find them. This is why you need to call Synergy Home Care today. We want to look after your loved one and assist him or her with any particularly dangerous household activity. Our staff will remain attentive and prepared in case of a fall. Call today to learn more!