Make Home Care a Focus This New Year


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! At Synergy Homecare in Yuma, we know that with the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. While most resolutions have to deal with getting in better shape, spending less money, or spending less time at work, your senior loved one should also make some resolutions. Having goals in mind for the new year is a great way to occupy a person’s mind and can help break up the monotony of daily life. In today’s post, we are going to go over some resolutions that could benefit your senior loved one and just maybe benefit their home care provider as well. Continue reading below to learn more.


You’re Never Too Old for Resolutions


As we go through this journey called life, it is important to have goals. Sometimes these goals are large, such as buying a new home, and sometimes these goals are small, such as watching less television. Whatever your goals may be, they are important and you should stick to them. For your senior loved one, goals can seem difficult to achieve if they have to spend most of their time at home. However, here at Synergy Homecare, we have come up with a few resolutions that can help your senior loved one embrace the new year with renewed vigor.



  • Socialize: One of the hardest things to do when you have to spend large amounts of time in your home is to properly socialize. Humans are social creatures and ignoring this aspect of ourselves can have some serious physical and mental effects. For the new year, encourage your senior loved one to socialize as much as possible. Having a network of friends and acquaintances can go a long way in increasing their quality of life and overall mental well-being.
  • Be Active: As Newton’s First Law of Motion so eloquently states, a body in motion tends to stay in motion. While Newton was mostly referring to the physics of our world with this statement, we, at Synergy Homecare, have found that the same rule can be applied to people. Encourage your senior loved one to remain active and to try new things. Staying active will not only benefit them physically but will help their mental state as well.
  • Develop a New Hobby: At Synergy Homecare, we are firm believers that you can, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks. Experimenting with new hobbies and activities is a great way for your senior loved one to not only remain active but to also occupy their time. Staying in one’s home for long periods of time can lead to boredom, but having a new hobby can stave off this boredom and occupy their time.



Join us again next time as we continue to go over new things that your senior loved one can do this year. And, as always, please contact Synergy Homecare in Yuma for all of your senior loved one’s home care needs. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your loved one receives the care they need in an efficient, courteous, and dedicated manner. Visit our website today to learn more about the services we provide.