As your senior loved one ages, he or she may be wondering what is possible for him or her to do. Will he be able to still go swimming? Will she still be able to stitch together blankets for her grandkids? The good news is, yes. Here are some healthy hobbies for senior:


Drawing, painting, and even sculpting are wonderful ways to express yourself and stay active. Of course, creative processes such as these can also be therapeutic. Art therapy is often used to help those with dementia and can stimulate brain activity. It’s also a social activity! What a wonderful way to connect with friends or perhaps with a grandkid or two.


Walking is a wonderful practice for anyone to adopt, including seniors who are able to walk. If your senior is still able to move around on his or her feet, go on walks together! Walking can help seniors maintain their independence and ease of movement.


No matter the game, it has been shown to help cognitive function. Mentally challenging games often help the connection of synapses in the brain and therefore help fight off dementia and Alzheimer’s. If your senior does not have anyone to play a game with, crosswords and other critical thinking puzzles are a wonderful option.

We care about you and the health of your loved one. Be sure to contact Synergy Home Care today and tell us how we can take care of your senior. We are proud to serve Yuma County with the care, respect, and kindness our seniors deserve.