Staying active during winter is important

The winter months can be a challenge for everybody. Shorter days and colder temperatures can cause many people to stay indoors, and significantly cut into extracurricular activities. However, just because it’s winter does not mean your senior loved one has to slow down with everybody else. Below we have listed a few options that seniors can explore to stay busy either with friends and family or by themselves during those chilly winter days.


  • Walking Indoors: Walking is an excellent form of exercise for seniors, and does not have to be relegated to the summer months. Investing in a treadmill is an excellent way to make sure that your senior loved one can get exercise even if they can’t leave the home. If a treadmill is not a viable option, simply walking around the interior of their home will keep your senior active and happy.
  • Games and Sports: Planning a game night once a week is an excellent way to stave off boredom during the winter months. Invite over a few friends, break out some cards, and watch as the hours melt away. If your loved one is more action oriented, many community centers offer classes in water aerobics, pilates, bowling, and shuffleboard.
  • Exploring the Familiar: No matter how long your senior loved one has lived in a town or city, there are always new things to do. Keep an ear out for upcoming events, such as concerts, lectures, or club meetings that may be of interest to your loved one. On the flip side, visiting familiar restaurants, parks, museums, and stores is a great way to keep your senior loved one entertained, and also serves as an excellent form of exercise.
  • Baking: While baking is an activity that can be enjoyed any time of the year, something about baking in the winter seems more magical. Helping your senior loved one bake a cake, a batch of cookies, or a hearty casserole is a great way to enjoy eachother’s company, and produce some tasty treats.
  • Dancing: Dancing is a great way for your senior loved one to stay in shape and have fun. There are many different types of dance classes that offered at leisure class centers in most cities. This includes Zumba, ballroom dancing, line dancing and square dancing classes. Dancing can also be done at home with a partner, to any type of music, and is a great way to spend a chill winter day.


Whatever the activity, we at Synergy Home Care understand that staying active is one of the most important things a senior can do. Our dedicated staff can ensure that your loved one stays active all winter long! Contact us today, and see how our services can benefit your family.