For senior citizens in home care, diet is a big deal when it comes to ensuring they enjoy a happy and healthy life. However, good health won’t simply come from eating more fruits and vegetables, along with easing back on sweets. A high-protein diet has numerous benefits, and they’re all worth examining.

Keep reading for 5 reasons healthy protein intake is vital to the well-being of your loved one.

  1. As we get older, it’s deceptively easy for us to lose large amounts of muscle. Exercise alone won’t effectively slow down the process, but exercise combined with eating protein helps your body to build more muscle.
  2. For elderly adults, increased physical strength also helps to increase independence. The ability to stay active and continue to do things on their own is a big boost to morale and mental health.
  3. By not eating enough protein, seniors can develop the condition Protein Calorie Malnutrition. Just like it sounds, it’s a protein deficiency that can slow down healing. Without protein reserves, it becomes much harder for the human body to regenerate and recover from injuries.
  4. Protein helps to build strength in the leg muscles. This greater degree of strength provides seniors with better balance and a reduced risk of falls.
  5. Increased muscle mass due to protein consumption can act as a kind of protective shield for bones. In case of a fall, this additional padding can prevent fractures or bone breaks. The increased muscle also puts more tension on the bones, forcing them to become stronger.