Non-medical home care is a system designed to help elders with ADLs or Activities of Daily Living such as cooking meals, getting dressed, taking showers, and maintaining the house so they can continue to lead normal lives without requiring the support of family members. This means that the sons or daughters of elders will spend less time acting as a caretaker to their loved one, and more time enjoying their time spent with them.

Non-medical just means that the caregiver is not medically licensed and as such, will not perform any medical procedures that the elder may need like administering shots or tending wounds. This does not, however, mean that the caretaker can’t help with their medical needs. They can take them to the doctor for regular appointments, organize prescription pills, and pick up or drop off medications at their house as needed.

Non-Medical Home Care vs. Nursing Home

This is the big question, and likely the question you’re asking yourself if you’re thinking of getting a caretaker for your loved one. So what is the difference and which one is right for your situation?

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are living communities for the elderly. As family members get older, they will tend to get increasingly dependent on their children for support, and it gets to a point where there isn’t enough time or resources to allow them to live comfortably. At this point, many people will take their parents to a nursing home. Although this might be an opportunity for your loved one to regain some independence, it is not necessarily the best option.

Nursing homes are costly and don’t allow for a flexible schedule like a non-medical home care system would. When you commit to a nursing home, you’ll be paying for the cost of the residency as well as all the services and amenities they provide, regardless of whether your loved one uses them. In addition, there is a lack of freedom in nursing homes that can lead a lot of seniors to regret moving in, or not want to move in in the first place. Although there are benefits to nursing homes such as planned activities and plenty of new people to meet, they simply won’t be the best option for many aging.

Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care is seen as an alternative to nursing homes and tends to be the preferred option for many seniors. Why? Non-medical home care provides care to your loved one in their very own home, meaning you don’t have to move into a new place or worry about the extra costs of amenities that they may never use. With non-medical home care, you’re getting the best of both worlds: personalized, one-on-one care, and the safety and convenience of living in your own home, near family.

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