Loneliness is bad for People


Humans, as most people are already well aware of, are social creatures. Thousands of years of society and familial bonding have caused people to seek the company of others and, if they are denied this company, some negative consequences can pop up as a result. Here at Synergy Homecare, we are well aware of the detrimental effects that loneliness can have for people. While our homecare services are geared towards helping seniors with their day to day activities, we also strongly believe that the companionship that our homecare workers provide is just as important for the health and happiness of our patients. In today’s post, to illustrate the importance of companionship, we are going to go over some of the ways that loneliness can negatively affect people. Continue reading below to learn more.


Loneliness Affects Mental and Physical Health


Loneliness is an interesting thing to discuss. While loneliness is hardly seen as a serious mental disorder, it can have a major effect on a person’s mental and physical health. As a person becomes lonelier, they are more likely to develop feelings of depression. People need other people to interact with, even if it is just for a few hours every day. If people are left alone for too long, they can start to feel as if no one cares about them or as if they are a burden to the people around them. In addition to feelings of depression, loneliness increases the likelihood of alcohol abuse, mental health disorders, and suicide. Hiring a homecare specialists to keep your senior loved one company throughout the day is a great way to make sure that they do not suffer from these consequences.


Loneliness can Increase the Risk of Dementia


As people age, the risk of dementia increases. While the causes and potential risk of developing dementia are still a little mysterious, it has been found that people who are lonely are at more of a risk of developing dementia. Multiple studies have shown that seniors who live alone or stay in a nursing home where they do not have a lot of interaction with other patients or family members have their risk of dementia related symptoms increasing by 64 percent. In an ironic twist, those elderly people who already have Dementia or Alzheimer’s are more likely to withdraw socially from their family and peers, further hastening the development of these neurodegenerative diseases.


While it is impossible to make sure that a person never feels lonely, it is possible to give them access to companionship. At Synergy HomeCare in Yuma, we are passionate about making sure that all of our patients are not only taken care of physically but are also taken care of mentally. Our homecare specialists are adept at providing social interaction with all of our patients in the hopes that they do not feel lonely in their own home. If you would like to learn more about our homecare services, please contact us today or visit our website.