A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion


Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Synergy HomeCare of Yuma, we have made it our mission to provide seniors in our area with the best homecare services available. The homecare services that we provide vary on a case by case basis; however, we believe strongly in the fact that making sure your senior loved one, if they are physically able, should take part in some form of exercise. The type, quantity, and frequency of exercise, once again, varies on a case by case basis; however, we have noticed that our clients who try and remain physically active seem to be in a better state, both mentally and physically, than those who do not. In today’s post, we are going to go over some of the ways that exercise helps to make sure that seniors are able to live happier, healthier lives.


Homecare is About More Than Meeting Basic Needs


In our opinion, homecare providers have an obligation to make sure that their clients are as well taken care of as possible. While this mostly includes making sure that our clients are able to perform normal daily function with a little assistance, we also feel that it is our responsibility to make sure that our clients are taking part in activities that will benefit them both mentally and physically. Below, we have listed a few benefits that come along with exercise as it relates to senior citizens.



  • Immune System: A body that is healthy and physically fit is better able to fight off infection and sickness than a body that is out of shape. Instead of depleting a person’s energy reserves, recovery from an infection or illness will take less of a toll on the body of a person who regularly exercises. Even a short walk a couple of times a week is enough to make sure that the body is better prepared to fight off illness and is an activity that many seniors can partake in with little to no stress on their body.
  • Healthy Heart: The heart, as everyone knows, is an important organ in the body. Responsible for making sure that healthy, oxygenated blood is properly pumped throughout the body, our hearts are something that we should focus on over the course of our lives, especially as we start to age. Even moderate exercise helps to lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, two things that seniors must be especially aware of. With a little bit of exercise, seniors can greatly reduce the effects of hypertension and increase their overall health.



Join us again next time as we continue to go over some of the benefits that exercising has for senior citizens. If you’re interested in learning more about the homecare services that we provide here at Synergy HomeCare, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our expert staff has been helping Yuma area seniors for years and, if you are in need of our services for your senior loved one, we would be happy to sit down with you and formulate a care plan that will meet their needs.